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AIPU Shale Shaker Screens And Replacement Shaker Screens

AIPU supply various kinds of replacement shaker screen, including composite frame screen, steel frame screens, hook strip screens, and customized screens. AIPU shale shaker screen are produced as per API RP 13C (ISO 13501) regulation. To meet API RP 13C standard, cut point and conductance are the 2 testes required. The end user can compare cut point, conductance (fluid flow) and non-blanked open area to select shaker screen.


    Max shaker screens are designed to maximize solids removal capabilities while significantly reducing drilling costs and filling fluids disposal.  


    Features of AIPU Shale Shaker

    ● Perforated Wear Plate Screen Panel (PWP)
    The Max PWP screens are constructed of multiple screen layers bonded to a perforated metal plate for added support and facilitation of repair. Bonding squares help maintain cut point integrity by stabilizing the sandwich screen, increasing durability by reducing screen flutter, and isolating any screen failures. Screens for particular shakers may be repaired using the plugs supplied with the panel.

    ● Pyramid Screen(PMD)
    These revolutionary three-dimensional screens offer the benefits of traditional flat multi-layered screens while adding a significant increase in usable screen area. The result is a screen that increases fluid handling capacity. Pyramid screens provide an easy, cost effective increase in shaker performance. Designed with the latest technology, pyramid screens allow rigs to screen finer earlier in the drilling process, thus significantly reducing mud and disposal costs.  

    ● Steel Frame Screen Panel
    Steel frame screens are constructed of multiple screen layers bonded to a perforated metal steel frame for added support and facilitation of repair. Wedges will be used for screen locking into shale shaker for fast replacement.

    ● Composite Frame Screen Panel
    Composite frame screens are constructed similar with steel frame but replace steel frame into composite frame. The composite frame is a whole piece with steel inside to enhance strength. Screen wire pressed into composite frame by hot temperature without glue used. So the composite frame screen last longer working life and suit for various drilling mud conditions.


    API Screen Number and D100 Separation

    API RP 13C (ISO 13501)  Reference Chart
    API Number D100 Cut Point Microns Max Screen  D100 Cut Point
    API 20 > 780-925 831.0
    API 25 >655-780 678.7
    API 30 > 550-655 610.0
    API 35 > 462.5-550 498.7
    API40 >390-462.5 415.2
    API 45 >327.5-390 339.8
    API 50 >275-327.5 308.9
    API 60 >231-327.5 235.3
    API 70 > 196-231 211.5
    API 80 > 165-196 190.4
    API 100 > 137.5-165 138.9
    API 120 > 116.5-137.5 126.7
    API 140 > 98-116.5 106.9
    API 170 > 82.5-98 94.5
    API 200 >69-82.5 81 2
    API 230 >58-69 68.8
    API 270 > 49-58 51.8
    API 325 > 41.5-49 46.2
    API 400 > 35-41.5 36.1


    Customer Cases

    AIPU is an API Q1. API RP 13C. ISO9001. ISO14001. ISO18001. and EAC approved manufacturer. Under all AIPU people efforts our products have served users over 30 countries or regions. Our products received good feedback from our regular and new customers.