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EAC Certified Large Capacity Vertical Centrifugal Degasser

What is centrifugal degasser

APLCQ300 centrifugal degasser | atmospheric degasser accepts any fluid weight or mud viscosity, while the simple switch operation ensures rapid startup and shutdown.


    Centrifugal degassers, also known as atmospheric degassers, are highly efficient devices that remove gas from gas cutting mud by accelerating the fluid through the impeller of an immersed centrifugal pump.APLCQ300 Centrifugal Degasser|Atmospheric Degassers have many advantages, although the processing efficiency is almost the same at over 85%. Often installed after shale shakers, degassers are widely used in a variety of solids control systems and are important for recovering mud weight, stabilizing mud viscosity properties, and reducing drilling costs.

    The APLCQ300 Centrifugal Degasser | Atmospheric Pressure Degasser accepts any fluid weight or mud viscosity and features a simple on/off switch for quick startup and shutdown. At startup, drilling fluid enters the submerged impeller and rises to the elevated spray tank. A circular disk, known as a splash plate, rotates and converts the fluid into a high-speed sheet. This sheet then strikes the bowl wall with sufficient force to separate the gas from the fluid. The degassed fluid flows downstream through the exhaust pipe..


    Model APLCQ300
    Liquid Inlet Size 20″
    Liquid Outlet Size 6″
    Gas Outlet Size 2″
    Max Liquid Throughput 300m3/h
    Max Gas Removed 30m3/h
    Main Motor 22Kw
    Fan Motor 1.1Kw
    Weight 1400kg
    Dimension 1150×1054×3110mm


    1. The material of impeller is stainless steel with highly anticorrosion.
    2.Maximum water flow of 300 cubic meters per hour.
    3.Accepts any drilling fluid weight or mud viscosity.
    4.Simple operation, easy to maintain.
    5.No cleaning - drilling fluid flow removes sand and cuttings.
    6.Customization to fit the pit area is available.

    Other info

    APLCQ300 Centrifugal Degasser | The Atmospheric Degasser is designed to be simple and effective in its operation. Drilling mud is introduced into the degasser's submerged pump in a rotary motion through a spiral inlet (20 inches). This motion is enhanced by the inlet impeller, which creates a void around the shaft and prevents airlock in the pump. The fluid remains above the level of the gas-cut drilling fluid and forms a cylindrical layer of fluid with an inverted conical space in the center. The drilling fluid is discharged from the discharge port along the tangent. As the impeller rotates, bubbles burst and gas is withdrawn from the fluid, eventually accumulating in the conical space at a lower density. A pressurizing device (similar to an exhaust fan) draws air into the discharge cone through a narrow passage between the air distribution disk and the air separation ring. The degassed liquid collects at the bottom of the spray tank and is drawn from the discharge tank into the next pit. The gas escapes from the top of the spray tank and is dispersed into the atmosphere.