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Drilling Mud Guns For Mixing System

Mud guns are usually used along with agitators. AIPU supply 2 inch and 3 inch size low and high pressure mud gun for option


    Mud gun is mainly used to prevent the mud from.being deposited in the mud tank. It is also used as auxiliary mixer to stir mud and clean tank bottom. This helps maintain drilling mud uniformity and prevents solids from settling, ensuring efficient drilling operations.

    AIPU mud guns are available in 2-inch and 3-inch sizes for both low and high pressure. In addition, a 4-inch mud gun is available upon request. All sizes have a high-capacity service capability. Mud guns are typically used in conjunction with an agitator. This means that a mud gun needs to be installed in almost every compartment of the tank. There are three types of mud guns: bottom type mud gun, pivot type mud gun, and non-spin type mud gun. For the mud gun nozzle, there are two options: 1 or 3.

    Mud guns play a vital role in the drilling process and have the following important functions:
    1.  Stirring: The main function of the mud gun is to stir the drilling mud in the mud tank.  By stirring the slurry, the lance helps prevent solids from settling and keeps the viscosity and density of the slurry consistent.
    2.  Cleaning: Mud guns are used to clean mud tanks by directing high-pressure mud jets to expel and suspend settled solids to prevent them from accumulating at the bottom of the tank.
    3.  Fluid circulation: Mud guns help circulate drilling mud within the mud tank, ensuring the mud is fully mixed and preventing any components from stagnating or separating.
    4.  Prevent dead spots: The mud gun is used to target areas in the mud tank where mud flow may be restricted to ensure that all mud is properly mixed and adjusted.
    Overall, a mud gun is an essential tool for maintaining drilling mud quality and consistency, which is critical to the success and safety of drilling operations.


    Features of AIPU Mud Gun

    ● Great jetting effect and large cleaning area
    ● Easy installation and convenient operation
    ● Fixed nozzle or rotary nozzle for option
    ● Mud gun length can be customized


    Shale shaker technical parameters

    Model Diameter Working Pressure Nozzle Rotation
    NJQ50 50mm/2"




    NJQ80 80mm/3"


    Customer Cases

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