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Mud Cooling System

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7 Jan 2019
Mud cooling system is used to cool drilling mud for geothermal clients and oil and gas users. So we call it cooling mud temperature control system as well. We know High temperature drilling fluids impairs drilling operation, break solids control equipment, and poses a serious safety risk. That's why mud cooling system is so critical. AIPU cooling mud system brings overheated drilling fluids under control.
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7 Jan 2019
AIPU can offer a more suitable mud cooling solution on the high temperature wells in the Oil & Gas and Geothermal Drilling Industry. Our mud cooling system is proposed to used after the desilter unit of solids control system based on our experience and regular clients’ feedback. This position will be better cooling performance.
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7 Jan 2019
The mud cooler can reduce the temperature difference by 30 degrees, while please note that the mud cooling can not be lower than the ambient temperature. The system incorporates one or two plate heat exchangers designed in accordance with actual flow rate. It has a complete piping assembly with gauges and manually operated butterfly valves for drilling fluids and cooling water flow control. The heat exchanger can be operated in parallel or as individual units depending on duties required.
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7 Jan 2019
Mud cooler system features 
1. AIPU mud cooling systems are skid-mounted design for simple transportation. And they can be connected and made operational in less than 24 hours. 
2. Qualified equipment and parts, requiring minimal maintenance 
3. Dual or single plate heat exchanger options 
4. Large heat exchange area and good cooling effect 
5. The special designed mud filter prevents large solid particles in the mud from blocking the pipeline and heat exchanger. 
6. Reduction of temperature while circulating and drilling helps to maintain geological properties of the mud and a reduction in the used of additives.