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APLCQ300 vertical centrifugal degasser for drilling mud process

2024-04-20 13:43:36

In today's industrial landscape, efficient degasser plays a vital role in optimizing various processes. We are excited to announce the delivery of two APLCQ300 Vertical Vacuum Degasser, which are set to revolutionize the degasser process. With impressive specifications and compliance with safety standards, these degasser are designed to enhance productivity and ensure a safe working environment.

APLCQ300 Vertical Vacuum Degasser Specifications:

Model: APLCQ300

Inlet Diameter: 20 inches

Outlet Diameter: 6 inches

Vent Diameter: 2 inches

Maximum Flow Rate: 300 M3/H

Exhaust Capacity: 30 M3/H

Main Motor: 22 kW/380V/50Hz

Vacuum Pump: 1.1 kW

Dimensions: 1150×1054×3110 mm

Enhanced Safety Features:

To meet stringent safety requirements, the APLCQ300 Vertical Vacuum Degasser is equipped with various safety features. All motors and electrical components are designed to operate at 380V/50Hz, ensuring compliance with electrical standards. Additionally, they are suitable for use in explosive environments, meeting the requirements of Explosion Protection Marking Ex dII BT4. The degasser's protection rating is IP55, offering reliable protection against dust and water ingress.

Benefits and Applications:

The APLCQ300 Vertical Vacuum Degasser provides numerous benefits to industries requiring efficient degasser. Some notable advantages include:

Improved Process Efficiency: With its maximum flow rate of 300 M3/H and exhaust capacity of 30 M3/H, the degasser efficiently removes unwanted gases from liquids, enhancing the overall efficiency of various industrial processes.

Robust Performance: The main motor's power rating of 22 kW ensures reliable and consistent operation, while the 1.1 kW vacuum pump facilitates effective degasser.

Versatile Design: The degasser's dimensions of 1150×1054×3110 mm make it suitable for various installation settings, allowing flexibility in different industrial environments.

vertical degasser-01d7g

The APLCQ300 Vertical Vacuum Degasser represents a significant advancement in the field of degasser technology. Its impressive specifications, compliance with safety standards, and enhanced efficiency make it an ideal solution for industries seeking improved process performance. With its ability to efficiently remove gases from liquids, this degasser promises to enhance productivity and contribute to the success of diverse industrial applications.

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