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Bentonite Mud Shear Mixer Pump Selection

2024-04-02 09:30:11
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Shear pumps feature a sophisticated shearing and hydration system that rapidly shears and dilutes water-based polymers.
The working principle of a shear pump is to use shear force to mix and transport solid particulate materials with liquids. Specifically, there is a high-speed rotating blade or helical structure inside the pump. When the pump starts, the blade or helix begins to rotate at high speed, generating strong shear force. This shear force acts on the material passing through the pump body, shearing the solid particles into tiny particles and mixing them with the liquid. At the same time, due to the centrifugal force generated by the rotation, the mixture is pushed to the pump outlet, thus achieving the purpose of mixing and conveying.
Bentonite Mud Shear Mixer Pump models:
1.Overhead Belt Drive Package (Figure 1) Bentonite Mud Shear Mixer Pump
2.Horizontal Package (Figure 2) Bentonite Mud Shear Mixer Pump

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Mud mixer pump features:
(1) Jet structure with high efficiency.
(2) Highly wear-resistant metal impeller and casing for longer service life.
(3) Impeller structure conforming to fluid mechanics principles for increased fluidity.
(4) Efficient low shear force for reduced costs.
Q&A 1: Why can't the materials be poured directly into the mud tank? Wouldn't that be faster and more convenient?
A: Pouring directly into the tank will cause the mud materials to settle or agglomerate in large quantities, resulting in non-uniform drilling fluid.
Q&A 2: What are the requirements for the pipeline before installing this mixing device?
A: That's a great question! It's very important! First of all, our mixing device is divided into an intake pipe and a drain pipe. The shorter the distance between the intake pipe and the tank, the better! It is recommended to use steel pipes or rubber pipes with steel wires for the material.
For the drain pipe, which we also call the riser pipe, the smaller the angle, the better!... It should not exceed 60°, and the fewer bends, the better!
Q&A 3: How long is the service life of your shear pump jet mixing device?
A: Our mixing device adopts a jet structure. The nozzle and the venturi tube are the core components of this device. We use wear-resistant cast steel with a thickness of more than 15 mm.
Shear Mixer Pumps For Bentonite mud