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Portable Jet-Mixer For Mud Recycling System

2024-04-14 09:30:11

In the dynamic world of drilling operations, the efficiency and effectiveness of mud recycling systems are paramount. A key component in achieving this efficiency is the use of advanced mixing technology. The introduction of portable jet-mixers has significantly enhanced the capability of mud recycling systems, offering a blend of mobility, power, and precision. A standout in this category is the 6” low-pressure Mud Hopper, complete with a 2” Nozzle made from SS304, a material known for its durability and resistance to corrosion.
Mixing of liquid and powder, or slurry mixing, is a necessary process for many applications. Effective slurry mixing significantly impacts operational safety, speed, and overall cost. However, the perceived simplicity of the process often leads to poor, unsafe slurry mixing practices and the use of outdated or improper equipment. Venturi mixer, or slurry mixer as they are commonly referred to, are relatively simple devices that are installed directly into motive liquid flow lines. They have been employed in numerous applications over the years as an extremely cost effective means of mixing slurries. They have no moving parts or motors, and passively convert motive flow pressure into vacuum, inducing powdered additives directly into the motive fluid. However, they are not free from issues such as plugging, sensitivity to recirculation of solid containing slurries, and inadequate powder dispersion which disqualifies them for use in applications where continuous powder flow, batch recirculation, and slurry homogeneity are critical.
Key Features and Specifications
The portable jet-mixer is designed to cater to the demanding requirements of modern drilling operations. It boasts a substantial capacity of 150-200 m3/h, making it suitable for large-scale projects. The input pressure range of 0.22~0.4MPa ensures that the mixer can operate under various conditions without compromising on efficiency. The T-joint size of 6” (DN150) and a nozzle diameter of 2” are optimized for the best mixing performance.
One of the most critical aspects of this jet-mixer is its treatment capacity. It can handle clay at a rate of 180kg/min and barite at an impressive 315 kg/min. This high treatment capacity is essential for maintaining the quality and consistency of the drilling mud, which in turn, affects the overall drilling performance.
Weighing in at 234 kg, the mixer is relatively lightweight, considering its robust construction and capabilities. The overall dimensions of 1545mmx752mmx1165mm make it compact enough for easy transportation and setup, yet large enough to handle significant volumes of materials.

Advantages in Mud Recycling Systems
The portable jet-mixer plays a crucial role in mud recycling systems by ensuring the drilling fluid's density, viscosity, and pH are within the desired ranges. Its high shear and efficient mixing capabilities allow for the rapid integration of solids and additives into the drilling fluid. This not only improves the fluid's performance but also reduces waste and enhances the recycling process.
Moreover, the mixer's portability is a significant advantage. It can be easily moved and set up in different locations, making it ideal for drilling operations that span multiple sites. This flexibility can lead to cost savings, as there is no need for multiple mixers for different sites.

Operational Efficiency and Environmental Impact
The use of a portable jet-mixer in mud recycling systems contributes to operational efficiency by reducing the time and energy required to prepare drilling fluids. Additionally, by optimizing the mud's properties, drilling operations can be performed more effectively, reducing the risk of delays and complications.
From an environmental perspective, the enhanced recycling capabilities facilitated by the jet-mixer minimize the disposal of drilling waste. This not only helps in complying with environmental regulations but also promotes sustainable drilling practices.

The 6” low-pressure Mud Hopper with a 2” Nozzle SS304 represents a significant advancement in drilling technology. Its capacity, efficiency, and portability make it an invaluable asset in mud recycling systems. By improving the quality of drilling fluids and enhancing the recycling process, this portable jet-mixer contributes to more efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly drilling operations. As the demand for energy continues to grow, innovations like the portable jet-mixer will play a crucial role in meeting this demand sustainably and efficiently.