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Oil And Gas Mud System

7 Jan 2019
Drilling mud system is used to process drilling fluids with the 5 phases cleaning in oil and gas industry. Or we call fluids system as 4 phases solids control. From shale shaker to centrifuge decanter. Solids control mud system can benefit much on saving cost of well exploration and further cuttings process. A good oil and gas mud system leads to a great efficiency and effect of well drilling.
7 Jan 2019
Working principle of mud system is drilling mud flows into ground via drill pipe and bring the cuttings out. Drilling mud is expensive also it will pollute environment, while after processed by solids control system properly drilling fluid can be reused, and cost of subsequent waste management is decreased. Drilling mud is the blood of well drilling, so we need solids control system to process/purify/recycle/reuse the drilling mud under complete line equipment process. Including different phases at different drilling period. Drilling fluid process system will definitely decrease drilling cost and benefit much on conserving environment.
7 Jan 2019
Drilling mud solids control system produced by AIPU including various treating capacity for ZJ 20, ZJ30, ZJ40, ZJ50, ZJ70, ZJ80, and ZJ90, as well as work over rigs. We are proud of supplying over 200 sets of complete system to users around the world. At AIPU you can get shale shaker, mud cleaner, decanting centrifuge, degasser, pump, agitator and so on equipment separately; or proposed solution system including equipment and tanks, depends on your preference
7 Jan 2019
Features of AIPU Mud System 
Professional design with optimal solutions 
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Reliable material with durable quality
Custom-built service available 
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