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7 Jan 2019
The government is serious concerned about how enterprise to process the drilling waste that discharged from solids control system. As research has revealed that high concentrations of dissolved salts, heavy metals, and hydrocarbon remnants in drilling fluids are dangerous to the environment and soil quality as well as for the health of plants. AIPU drilling waste management system can help our customers to resolve this problems.
The discharged mud cake after waste management systemgd4
7 Jan 2019
A complete waste management system is composed of filter press unit, dosing unit, storage tanks, and electric control system. AIPU waste management system can be designed to skid mounted or trailer mounted. To make sure a longer service time of filter press unit, some shakers were equipped in front of it to get the large cuttings out before they enter the filter press.
The discharged water after waste management systemb60
7 Jan 2019
Drilling waste management system is one type of tailored system. That is widely used to oil and gas drilling, geothermal drilling, and horizontal directional drilling. The function of this system is to reuse the drilling waste. The separated water can be recycling used in the whole system, while the The mud cake can be used to fill well sites when we leave. AIPU drilling waste management system is environmental friendly.
7 Jan 2019
The common models are 100², 200², as well as 250². These models are more suitable for HDD, and geothermal drilling. Also, AIPU can designing the whole waste management system in large capacity, that will be more capable for oil and gas users. 
AIPU drilling waste management system benefits 
1.Reduced cost for the operator
2.Maintained drilling efficiency
3.Reduced discharges
4.Reduced chemical consumption
5.Environmental friendly